Hello! My name is Shyra Stevens. I am a senior at the University of Maryland. I have a major in Communication and a minor in both Business and Black Women Studies. I am all things fabulous with a strong interest in history especially topics related to Black history. I  am outspoken, honest, and passionate about issues that promotes inequality.

My interest in mass incarceration came about during my research on the lives of former slaves after emancipation. During that research I learned about the system of sharecropping and how it was used to create “legal slavery” I instantly made a connection to sharecropping and our prison system. With the help of a Netflix documentary called “13th” I was able see how the government and private corporation are able to profit off of the sentencing of Black bodies.

In this Blog, I hope to provide you entertaining yet informative information. As always, I will be unapologetically honest in all my commentary. If nothing else, I hope that you leave more understanding on this issue and to be apart of the healing!





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