Private Prisons Offer Little in Savings


According to the New York Times, private prisons offer little when it comes to saving money. More than 30 states believed that private prisons would be beneficial in saving them more money than state prisons. Contrary to this belief, data in Arizona suggest that private prisons can cost more to operate than state prisons. Despite the state law that indicates all private prisons should be “cost saving,” Arizona’s own data points out that inmates in private prisons can cost around $1,600 more per year, and that’s roughly around the same amount as state prisons. The research that was conducted by the Arizona Department of Corrections, explained why private prisons seem less expensive than what they really are.  It’s because they only incarcerate inmates who are healthy, or how the State Representative Chad Campbell likes to call it “cherry picking.”

Inmates who are severely ill automatically get turned away from a private prison.  Five out of eight private prisons in Arizona turned away inmates that were either very ill, mental, had chronic conditions, etc; They were “saving” money by not providing medical health care to inmates.  Steve Owens, the spokesman for Corrections Corporation of America, indicated that private prisons in Arizona were in fact saving money.   However, when asked to provide factual evidence, he couldn’t do so.  Instead he stated

“There is a mixed bag of research out there.  It’s not as black and white and cut and dried as we would like.”

In the article Do Private Prisons Really Save Us Money?  Eric Young states that private prisons are not cost effective and doesn’t save taxpayers money as many claim to think. Without hardcore evidence, private facilities cannot claim to be less cost efficient than state prisons.  Private prisons don’t supply the safety that inmates need. Young stated that

“Time and time again, we’ve proven that federal prisons are the most cost- effective institutions to help rehabilitate our nation’s inmates.”

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The real question is are private prisons saving money?  The answer is no!  Based from what I got from both articles,  private prisons are more cost efficient than anything else, in fact, private prisons cost more than state prisons. I totally agree with Eric Young, private prisons are nothing but facilities to use and abused inmates, and if money isn’t being saved, then why have them?


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