Are taxpayers really saving money?


A major issue that has been reoccurring among all states is whether or not private prisons save taxpayers money.

Now according to the article Last Resistance, it states how private prisons do save taxpayers money.  In fact, private prisons are much more suitable than public prisons, when it comes to safety and cost.  The only way for private prions to save money is if the “system” doesn’t get corrupted by the government.  If the system does get corrupted by the government, then that’s when these private prisons will become dangerous for the inmates.  According to Hakim and Blackstone who conducted this study believe that

“exposing public prisons to greater competition should lead to lower costs and improved performance of both public and private prisons, because the threat of further privatization leads prisons administrators to make more-determined efforts to reduce costs and induces public employees to temper their demands.”

I have to disagree with the article above.  Private prisons do not save taxpayer’s money at all!  In fact, private prisons cost more to maintain and handle than public prisons.  According to, only 23% of the prisons budget is spent on private prisons.  According to Andrew Neilson, who is the director of campaigns at the Howard League for Penal Reform stated:

“If the Ministry of Justice is looking at modeling cuts of a further 25% to 40% to the department’s budget, then these figures suggest the solution does not lie in privastising more prisons.  Private prisons have driven down cost thanks to their ability to make savings at scale.”


Private prisons are just a cover up to exploit prisoners for a profit.  In a study conducted by the University of Wisconsin, it gives a breakdown on how private prisons keep inmates incarcerated longer than they’re supposed to, just so they can increase their profit.  Companies really don’t care if private prisons are saving taxpayer’s money or not, as long as they’re making a profit off of these prisoners, they will continue to support private prisons.



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