Hello! My name is Tessa and I was born and raised in sunny Singapore. I’m a sophomore at Nanyang Technological University where I study Communications.

This semester exchange in America has been an eye-opening experience. The combination of the tumultuous time in American politics and living so close to D.C. makes me feel like something is on the cusp of happening at every moment. A matter that struck me in particular was reading about the possibility of the Trump administration increasing reliance on private prison companies. I believe that punishment serves an important role in society but that purpose cannot be fulfilled when imprisonment is entrusted to those whose primary concern is profit.

This website is a space for my teammates and I to share our insights on mass incarceration and I hope that you will learn something from reading our blog!


Ruby J



Hi everyone! My name is Ruby J.  I’m a senior at the University of Maryland, majoring in communications.  I first become interested in the topic of mass incarceration when I watched the documentary “Slavery by Another Name.”  I noticed how African American men were being charged for petty crimes or crimes they didn’t commit, and also being harshly sentenced for them.  After watching that documentary, I realized  what happened back then, is happening in today’s world.

I hope this blog will be an eye opener for people to question the true nature behind mass incarceration and private prisons.





Hello! My name is Shyra Stevens. I am a senior at the University of Maryland. I have a major in Communication and a minor in both Business and Black Women Studies. I am all things fabulous with a strong interest in history especially topics related to Black history. I  am outspoken, honest, and passionate about issues that promotes inequality.

My interest in mass incarceration came about during my research on the lives of former slaves after emancipation. During that research I learned about the system of sharecropping and how it was used to create “legal slavery” I instantly made a connection to sharecropping and our prison system. With the help of a Netflix documentary called “13th” I was able see how the government and private corporation are able to profit off of the sentencing of Black bodies.

In this Blog, I hope to provide you entertaining yet informative information. As always, I will be unapologetically honest in all my commentary. If nothing else, I hope that you leave more understanding on this issue and to be apart of the healing!





IMG_1080Hi everyone, my name is Jialin, but I go by Faith 🙂 I am an communications exchange student from Singapore and a sophomore at the University of Maryland.

I became interested in mass incarceration when I saw the trailer for 13th, a Netflix documentary that sheds light on mass incarceration and race and when I visited Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia. It is shocking to learn that this is the system the US has fiercely adopted in dealing with criminals (in contrast to other countries that focus on deterrence or rehabilitation). What is worse is that the private prison industry is making profit off of incarceration.

I hope that through this blog, people will begin to question the basis of mass incarceration and private prisons, which is especially relevant now that Trump’s new administration supports the use of private prisons.


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Hello Blog readers! My name is Diamond and I am a senior accounting major at the University of Maryland. I first became interested in topic of mass incarceration while watching Adam Ruins Everything [good things do come from YouTube procrastination]. On the show Adam debunks and reveals the hidden truth behind a variety of topics in a fun  fashion. After watching the segment on private prisons I was appalled, but not surprised, at the manner in which this country treats its citizens. Since hearing of Trump’s administration plan to rescind Obama’s administration order to phase out the federal government use of private prison I’ve become very interested in this topic. I hope that this blog will encourage others to investigate and protest not only the private prison system in America but a multitude of other injustices that the government is serving to its “citizens”.