A Final Farewell

Hello all! We would like to start off by giving a HUGE thank you to all of the visitors of our blog. We greatly appreciate your support! Our blog, End Private Prisons, was created to shed light on the controversial topic of mass incarceration and the role that private prisons play. We hope that over the past four weeks you’ve learned a thing or two about the prison system in America.

Since none of our writers are politicians, our goal was never to be “politically correct” or use “alternative facts” to push our agenda. Instead, we wanted to create a blog that gave a truthful overview of the role that private prisons play in mass incarceration. We did this through examining the system from unique perspectives including labor, financials and race.

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A major difference between End Private Prison and other blogs on this issue is that we wanted to approach this topic from a humane point of view. In today’s capitalistic society, there is always a huge emphasis on economic profit. It is often forget that those who we label as inmates also have families that are greatly affected by this system. We understand that anyone who commits a crime deserves to be punished by the appropriate punishment, however, we also believe that it does not give the anyone [the government, corporations, private prisons etc.] the right to profit at the expense of someone else’s wrongdoing.

Ultimately we hope you continue to stay engaged in this issue and share what you’ve learned from our blog with others. Continue to follow us on twitter @_EndPP or tweet/search the following hashtags #endprivateprisons, #massincarceration and #privateprisons.

Also for more information about the private prison system and mass incarceration in America check out some the  websites below

Again, thank you for staying engaged with us

P.S. Stay woke