U.S Prisons System

Walter Kamau Bell, who is a stand-up comedian and the host on United Shades of America on CNN, explains why America has the world’s highest incarceration rate and why former prisoners keep going back and forth to jail.



Big Money for the CCA

As displayed in the chart above, the CCA lobbies the US government heavily to influence public policy. Since 2005, the CCA and Geo Group Inc. has spent over $15.8 million to influence lawmakers..

And it Just Keeps Rising

The graph above illustrates the the number of incarcerated American over the timespan of 1920 through 2006. As pointed out in graph, there was a huge spike in the number of incarcerated Americans with the creation of for-profit prisons with the CCA in 1984. This huge increase also coincided with President Ronald Reagan’s war on drugs in the early 1908s. Between 1984 and 2006 there was approximately a 400% increase in the number of prisoners.